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Bruenjes paintings, mostly sold and meanwhile spread all over the globe. Internationally-known painter Bruenjes is also running

fine arts international

The most actual platform for new contacts of artists, art galleries and art collectors. There you´ll find more recent works, which are still available.

Born in north-west Germany, he is now living and working in his private retreat in southern Portugal.

His inimitable style of fantastic realism is shown in his fantasy architecture which offers a glimpse into the ruins of a fallen civilisation with minute attention to detail. Other more fairytale scenarios are found in "music-" or "chess landscapes".

Bruenjes created more than 500 paintings, hanging in private or public collections and museums mostly in Europe, but also all over the globe.


Jochen Bruenjes / Megalopolis
Jochen Bruenjes / Xadrez / Check / Schach

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